Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Photographic Odds and Ends

A few days ago we decided it was time to rescue the squash from the garage before it froze solid!  So we did a bit of chopping and then stuffed them in the respective cooking devices:

The 18 qt roaster full of Delectica squash

And a pan of Acorn squash got popped into the oven
 Then later that night we had a squash processing party!

Listening to Kevin Swanson's radio show always make the job go faster! 
These are a few pictures of a pillow Mom put together for Jonathan's piano teacher and his wife:

Mom did the embroidery several year ago and finally found the perfect combination to put it with. 

A detail view

The "other" side--still pretty!
 And a study of a yummy breakfast!

We also had a bit of a photo shoot the other day trying to get a good family picture--we haven't had a good one in several years--probably close to 6 or 8 years actually!

Here's a couple of them where we all at least had our eyes open!  When your laughing hysterically it's hard to keep your eyes open, let alone stay still :-)

Well there's a taste of what we've been up to the last few shutter closings....between Christmas (when we got the new "good" camera) and now we've takes a couple of thousand pictures.   Of course about 950 of them were trying to get everyone's eyes open!  And Baxter "hold still!"

Untill next time,