Saturday, October 4, 2008


It is getting down right chilly here, got down to at least 34 degrees last night--personally I think it was colder than that--and we had a fairly heavy frost. We had to cover the flowers and the garden. The latter is doing quite well for a change, I planted some more lettuce and such a while back and it is all up and growing--I need to get out there and thin the stuff down some. The watermelons are also still going, although I haven't checked them after the frost.

Today I spent most of my time over at the W. family's farm again. The prognosis for Mr. W.'s foot and leg is looking worse and worse. The Dr.s are saying that IF they can repair the foot he'll have to be off of it for six to ten months. If they cant save the foot, they will have to amputate just below the which case Mr. W. will have to be laid up for about six to ten months. So in either case he needs to cut way back and basically quit working for ten months--he has trouble not working for ten minutes! He also is fighting an infection in his bone--for which he has a pick line in his arm for daily doses of IV antibiotics (at $800 a pop).

We're now experiencing my favorite time of year--Fall. The only problem is that it's so darn cold. Well maybe it's just that I'm not used to it :-) I am also now Officially a year older (as of Sep. 28) that puts me up to the ripe old age of 19--time sure flies. If anyone has a way to slow time down please let me know!

Whelp, supper's about ready so I'll say sayonara for now chaps. ;-)