Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas Y'All

As we celebrate Christmas today, remembering the reason for the season, we pray that you and yours will be blessed with the peace of God, be touched by His hand and be filled with the joy of His presence!  He is Emanuel!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

It's a Wonderful (ly busy) Life Pt.2 September Memories

In September we had a lot of things going on!  Early in the month we celebrated Dad's birthday.  All of us guys birthday's fell on Sunday this year, and with many responsibilities at church we often have rather abbreviated Sunday afternoons and so we actually finished celebrating Dad's day 3 weeks later when we also had another little event for me.  In between those days Grandpa Potter turned 81--and he's still putting up square bale hay and cutting wood!

One Sunday afternoon the colors and light was so nice out we couldn't resist the opportunity to take a few family are a few of the best.

A bit dark, with squinty eyed subjects, but a nice setting :)

Of course trying to do anything without the dog is difficult at best! ;)
A little different angle cuts down on the squinting!
Anybody want to try a different spot? :)
There were a lot a pretty days and many pretty scenes and flowers as well.  I really love the fall...its in my top four favorite seasons!!! :)  The days start getting cooler, and you can start to feel a nip in the air that warns of the coming winter....the trees start to change color--with each passing day new blazes of glory appear....the garden produce in coming in at top production with the harvest of root crops, squashes and melons, tomatoes and peppers....

Four O'clock flowers
Seedum--one of my favorites

We had pretty good year for gardening--the melons never amounted to a whole lot but we had squash, squash and  more squash.  Several rows were from volunteer plant and seemed be a cross of a couple of varieties from last year--delectica and acorn; quite good.

We had quite a cart-full of goodies one day when we were trying to get stuff gathered in before the frost.

 We got a bumper crop of peppers this year too!

The hot peppers we made into Mexican Restaurant Salsa -- it is really good.  (Ever notice how a lot of things you make or buy to use at home is always restaurant style...and at the restaurants everything is home style? Is it just me or does most advertising play off of discontentment?

The fields are so pretty during the fall too, with the onset of fall so many thing seem to reach their full potential.  These next pictures are from earlier in the year; you can just start to see a hint of the color show to come
Between the trees...

Across the road

Looking towards "the farm"

The clouds almost look like mountains!

The fall colors this year were pretty spectacular at times, but Dad and I thought that we've had years that far surpassed this year--it seemed that the leaves fell off almost as fast as they changed color.  Still there were day when the colors were just gorgeous; like this day right after a rain storm:

And once again I'm out of time.... so the rest of September will have to wait.

So until next time, may you rest in God's Peace!


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

It's a Wonderful (ly busy) Life Pt. 1

It is hard for me to believe that the Christmas season is upon us already!  It seems like just a week or so ago that we were basking in the summer sun and sweating up a storm--now we are bundled in our wool socks and coats and coveralls when we go out...  Where does the time go?
This is actually from this time last year, but it looks pretty similar!
We are thankful though for the time that God has given to us to enjoy this last several months; I guess that's why you haven't seen us here: we've been busy living life!  But I do want to chronicle a few things here, and so starting from when we last left off in July....

It was a pretty good year for blueberries around here...we picked a few...buckets-full.  We froze some, ate a bunch fresh and made some into blueberry-banana muffins :) YUM

Our pre-freeze drying rack!
I think we got about three 5gal pails of berries this year.
August was a fairly uneventful, steadily busy month.  We had Jonathan's new piano arrive and he has had many many hours of enjoyment from it--either playing or tinkering with various inner workings.  It's a bit more crowded in the living room now, with two pianos, but the possibilities for dual piano duets are vastly improved!

With the daily chores, mowing every single week (thanks to wonderfully regular rain showers :) and a few church activities the month flew by with hardly so much as a how-do-you-do.  Our supply of pictures for August is dreadfully slim :(

And that's all the time I've got for tonight, so I think I'll throw this much up there and try again another day....

Remembering that we have been called according to His purpose and rejoicing to bring Him glory,