Thursday, March 6, 2008


Good Evening,

I had intentions of posting over the last week, but have been busy. Last Thursday, the computer at church broke, so I spent some time between then and Sunday trying to fix that. Also, my apprentice work has been moderately heavy, so that has been keeping me busy. is finished! At least for the moment.

Tomorrow is the band festival in Perry, So I have been working on music for that also. Not to forget state S&E, I have been vigorously working on my Bach invention and Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata. Those are (hopefully) coming along nicely. I need to start practicing my trumpet solo with the computer accompaniment again.

Today, mom got a new monitor, a 19" widescreen LCD instead of a 19" CRT. She has been tutoring kids in Korea, teaching them English, via the web, Skype, and video conferencing software. She needed the extra desk space to put her notes. Since she is getting paid for this, she made the splurge and is writing it off as a business expense. I also got another 2Gig of ram, only $33 after rebate at Newegg.

I just heard a rumor that homeschooling has been ruled illegal in California, by a semi-reliable source. I'm sure HSLDA will have something on their website soon. It seems they even have a petition for those that live in California.

Awana seemed to go well tonight, though not as well as some should have liked with several of the more rowdy kids (who shall remain nameless).

It's getting late, so I'm going to sign off for a while.