Monday, March 24, 2008

RE: Icefields Parkway

Upon reading Matthew's last post, I was shocked and disillusioned concerning his lack of appreciation for the Icefields parkway. Personally, I consider the scenery along that beautiful road some of the most inspiring I have ever seen. Therefore, today I am setting out to show the wonders of the Icefields Parkway. I will admit that the actual icefields aren't that impressive, but the mountains they hang on, now those are things you can't ignore.

Now, getting right to the point and avoiding my brother's infomercial style(he's complaining that his writing style is 'fun to read'[according to Goodolboy][don't tell Matthew, but I kind of agree], however I say it's not exactly well laid out[something derogatory has to be said since he is now hunting down our friendly neighborhood squirrel{he eats from the bird feeder, and Matthew shoots at him with his bb gun to scare him off, and threatens to knock him out for good}]--but I digress), here is the documentary evidence.

Isn't this mountain vista wonderful?

I could understand one of the 'the mountain's hiding the view' people not to be impressed, but overall, this is a splendid rock outcropping of the Canadian Rockies, complete with pine covered foothills.
In whom does this half-cloaked spire not inspire a feeling of majesty?

The colors along the Icefields were practically perfect.

Examine the dark green of the trees, the puffy whiteness of the clouds, the pure, clean chill of the snow, the perfect blue of the sky.

This is the bow river.

Glaciers grind up minerals until they have a neutral buoyancy, then into the water they go to give it this beautiful color.

Although I'm sure some people don't feel the same about mountains, and I'm not trying to prove that mountains are better than anything else(we live in a forest state and most of us[maybe excepting dad] especially loved the Canadian plains) I knew not that Matthew didn't especially like the Icefields Parkway, and wanted y'all who haven't been there to see some of God's most magnificent(in my opinion) handiwork. Please don't take this wrong.

I have a hundred more pictures, so if anyone needs more proof, I can continue.

The Icefields Parkway was certainly more impressive than Denali, were all you could see of mt. McKinley was the cloud shrouded base.

Anyway, I am going to go outside and play with the dog, but I hope to soon post about the new ice age that's taking the world(Al Gore included) by storm.



Mrs. Deering said...

Wow. That is beautiful. I miss mountains. I lived on an island for a while, but I grew up with mountains. Now I live in the south and they don't have them here.

Matthew said...

Ok. So the mountains were great, but I was actually referring to the Ice Fields. I guess I could have been more specific. Particularly, I was remembering Crow's foot glacier. The best part was trying out the new binoculars!