Thursday, March 13, 2008


The big news over the past week is that we have a new puppy!

Our new dog—Baxter

He is a border collie with a bit of newfoundland mixed in. Before Monday, Baxter was our pastor's dog, but he and his wife decided they couldn't cope with the puppy-ness of the dog. As soon as one of them left him alone for even one minute, he was off doing something he shouldn't have been, most recently making a mess of their bedroom floor. A sad pastor's wife asked if we wanted him, since we had been looking for a new dog since our old one, Lady, died around Thanksgiving. We had also visited with Baxter often, being the people-loving charmer that he is, so he already knew us some.

I've also been working on reciently. It used to be mostly an email portal, with occasional pages put up when we were trying to sell something—most recently an old Kenmore stove. I'm trying to make a sort of content management system from scratch. It won't have an administration page, as I'm not that skilled, but would like to use Php Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) script to allow the same page to show different content based on what comes after a ? in the url. I'm not to good with PHP yet, but have worked with it some, and it already makes the process ten times easier. Another experiment, I'm trying to make it using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), which offers hundreds of extra options in layout and design, but can be very quirky at times. Normally, I would use HTML tables for a project like this, but am trying to learn CSS for the experience. I would love to hear what you think of it, although it's still in the design phase.

What do you think of our new music? The idea came from another blogger, Marci, who writes down on the farm.

Matthew said that the temperature in the greenhouse is in the 60's F, and its only 48 F outside. His plants upstairs are doing well, although some of his Rutger Tomatoes got over-watered and died. His chicks aren't doing so well—he only has one left out of 27 or 28. I heard a rumor that he might post soon, so I won't elaborate.

Dad's home now, and supper is about on the table, so I'll call this a post.