Thursday, May 23, 2013

You Might Live in Michigan If...

The weather outside is a bit rainy and cold, so I took a few minutes to compose a list brought to mind by our wild swings the last few days.

You might live in Michigan if...

If you recognize the two official seasons: Winter and Road Construction.

If you have the sub-season MUD between the above seasons!

If your winter coat stays on the hook by the door until the beginning of June...just in case.

If you know what UP really stands for.

If you are used to seeing people wear flip-flops, shorts and a sweat shirt or coat.

If at least half of your church goes to Florida for the winter...and the U.P. for the summer.

If you don't think much of it being in the 40's one day and 70's the next.

If you just left reading (or writing) this post to go start a fire even though its the end of MAY!

If you can remember both 80 degree days and days with 4+ feet of snow in the month of March.

If you plan on spending at least 2 hours at the secretary of state--just to get a title transfer.

If you've seen a species that doesn't exist in your least according to the DNR.

If some years you have flowers for Easter...and other years for Memorial Day.

If you're always pointing to your hand to show people where you live.

If an antique tractor or steam engine show will draw people from over 100 miles away.

If your state is home to one of the biggest empty cities in the USA.

If you know how far you have to drive to get to the closest bridge to Canada.

If you've been to the locks...and know what they are!

If a quarter of the little towns around you have a maple syrup festival.

If the arrival of your state bird signals the beginning of hope.

If you have "resident" Canada geese that you can't keep from making a mess all around your pond.

If you give your distances as a measure of time from "The Bridge."

If you know how to properly pronounce "Mackinac."

If a snowmobile is considered a reasonable means of transportation and they fill up at your gas station.

If you have the some of the highest gas taxes in the country and the worst roads!

That will have to do for now...though I'm still hoping to get an update on the lambing up sometime soon.

Praising God that HE isn't like the weather!



Laura said...

I can say we have one of the same things in the south...flip flops and coats, as flip flops are a year round things here. But as you know what we think is cold would be springish weather for you :) Cold, I'll have to stick with living in the south, and just visiting the north.

I like the list, it was fun to read. Hope the sheep are doing well, tell the family Hello!