Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Newcomers

We have had a few newcomers over the last few days!  There are still many animals left to have their babies, but the little ones that have arrived are quite photogenic :-)

Our first comers were the little piggies as "Spot" farrowed early last week

A few hours old--and Hungry!!

Now a week old they are starting to get out and about.

Did you say 'Boo'? 
 The sheep have been taking things quietly and many mommas that I thought sure would have lambed by now are still just getting bigger!

Still waiting for "big Debbie" to kick it in gear...she had 5 lambs a few years ago!
"Sarah" getting some loving from Mom...she is the favorite--and she knows it! 
"Prissy" was the first to lamb this spring--here she is in the barn with her  little girl last Sunday.

Over a week old now, and running with the flock! 

Next to lamb was "Sarah's" lamb from last year...this is Number 36 who's name we can't remember....

That lamb is pretty cute now, but just an hour earlier....
It was hard work getting born. I had to help momma a little and pull the
 lamb--it is a big one for a first time lamber

First tries at getting up are so hard!


There!  She made it!
 And then this morning I went over and discovered another ewe with twins!

This is No. 29 a two year old who is lambing for the first time.
So far she seems to be a good momma and didn't even need any help!
 Since they were doing so well, No. 36 and her baby got to go out to the pasture today!
"This is MY baby....oh, I guess you can take a picture--but don't try to steal her!"
Isn't she cute?
"And that is the way it is"  on the farm tonight May 14th 2013...and as always keep your RSS reader tuned to this station for the latest updates in News (birth announcements), Sports (muddy pig chasing anyone?) and the Whether (whether or not there have been any more newcomers that is! ;)

"The earth has yielded its increase, and God our God shall bless us. God shall bless us. Let all the ends of the earth fear him!" (Ps 67)