Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Christmas Tour at PotterVilla

In lieu of a long  textual update, I took a few minutes today to take a quick video, showing some of what we did today (decorate for the Christmas season).

This video was impromptu and completely unscripted, taken on a phone and lit by flashlight. So I hereby apologize for the poor audio, low quality video and dismal lighting, dizzying camera swing/shake, factual inaccuracies, and lack of storyline. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy the tour and have a wonderful Christmas season.

  • Bold Threadz:
  • White Christmas was released in 1954
  • Nativity #3 (the one in an igloo) was from our trip to Alaska.
  • We did not go to Bangladesh to get the 4th nativity.
  • The angles were not back-lit, they were severely front-lit, making shadows. Back-lit would cause silhouetting. 
  • The tree is actually green, but is decorated in blue.
  • J-O-Y spells...
  • I actually don't work in my office. My desk is by the pile of computer equipment that I showed shortly after going inside. 
  • The journey of the Gospel started at Creation, not Christmas. Correction would be, the journey of the incarnation and the temporal epicenter of the Gospel.
 Bonus video: Placing the reflection of a candle's flame above our firepit in a window.
May God bless this season for your family!

In Christ,



Anonymous said...


We all enjoyed watching your video! Ya'll have us beat on the nativities :). The outside decorations are very nice too! My mom said to let your mom know she said hello.

Hope ya'll are having a good night!

In Christ,

p.s. I wouldn't put the candy in the bowl tempting!