Friday, September 18, 2009

The ability to vote "NO" on the next millage

(Edit: this post was laying on my computer for ~4 months after the ~2 months the card was!)

I finally got my voter registration turned in (the paperwork had been sitting [filled out] on my desk for ~2 months, just needed to mail it)! Our township clerk was very prompt sending out the ID card:Now, if we only had some good people to vote for...

On an agrarian note, today (Edit: 'today' when I wrote this, not today, December 9) ( is chicken butchering day! Matthew, Mom and a couple of his farming friends are processing 50 roosters out back. I'm staying in the house to man the phones. As much as philosophically I'd like to be helping them, I still can't stomach seeing the innards ripped out of something that was alive several minutes ago. The Whizbang Chicken Plucker is impressive, though.

On a monetary note, Matthew has a new paying job with another area sheep farmer. If you ask nicely, maybe he'll divulge some details. ;-)

On a technology note, I now have my computer tower setup in the office:

Well, that's all for today (Edit: 'today' being September 18. Today, December 9, I'm currently processing a post from November ~15).

God bless and keep, Fidem Servate,

Jonathan Potter


Unknown said...

Matthew, would you please divulge some details? ;-)

Unknown said...


That is quite a "Tower", hope it doesn't tip over! Are you using all of those at once?

Andrew B.

Jonathan said...

I actually haven't used it much yet (to busy with music this month), but all of it does work simultaneously. On the far left, there is a stack of 2 VHS players (one per XP computer) and 2 tape players. They get wired into the two computers on the bottom of the monitor stacks to digitize audio and video. The second computer up on the right is a Windows 3.11 computer, which is wired to the top monitor in the middle stack (I got it from the local CEF office, who wanted to get rid of it off their desk. You never know when you might need a legacy machine...).

That whole tower is connected via a wireless card (in the XP computer on the right) to the main computer network on the other side of the house. We have 3 computers hard wired over there, and a laptop that also uses the wireless.

The above is my digitization studio. I should really post a pic of my real computer setup. It's currently running a 26" Asus primary monitor, with an portrait 21" on the side. The computer running the thing (the processor is 2 years old, unfortunately) has around 2200 gigabytes of storage across 4 drives, and is multi-booted with Windows 7 64-bit, 7 32-bit, Vista, XP and I think there's a copy of Linux on there somewhere. (I haven't removed my old operating systems yet from my last install, so my computer is technically Octo-booted, but who's counting).

If you've deduced from the above paragraphs that I spend too much time (and probably money) on computers, you'd be correct. At least I got all the stuff in the pictured computer setup for ~$75. In January, I hope to start making some money off my time on those computers. (see the other post)

Anyway, God bless and keep,

Jonathan Potter