Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Quick Note

The weather here remains a touch on the chilly side: Highs around 5 degrees F for the last few days, although there hasn't been much wind which makes it quite tolerable (for me anyway). To day that's changing. The high is supposed to be 16, but the wind is roaring around at 20 mph (which makes for a slight wind chill...of about -15). It's been a struggle to keep the house even above 65, but our furnace just isn't big enough for this weather. There is also a lot of complaining from people (like at church, or the store) about how cold it is. But (except for the house heating issue) I kinda like it. I like Winter pretty well, about as well as Summer and Fall...Spring is nice too. Some day I'd like to go out west (say to North Dakota) in the winter to see what cold is really like. I look at it as sort of a challenge--to survive (or even thrive) even when the temps are really cold, plus I like the cold and snow; snow isn't nearly as wet as rain, and so is easier to work in, and in the winter there aren't any flies or misquotes!

Yesterday afternoon Dad had a job interview with the Board of Water and Light in Lansing. This is the first door that has seemed to open in six months. We're thanking the Lord for this opportunity and praying His will be done. It is a job that is still related to his field (electrical engineer) and isn't too far away, about 35 min. The interview was conducted by a panel of two engineer type guys and the head HR person, and Dad said that he thought the interview went pretty well. They told Dad that they'll contact him towards the end of next week to let him know whether or not they want to continue the interviewing process (which consists of at least two or three more interviews with different people). We'd definitely appreciate your prayers in this matter.

Well I'd better get out and feed my chickens so I'll sign off for now,