Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Busy as Usual

Well I can finally believe that it's November (now that the month is better than half over...) the trees have been completely striped of their leaves by the cruel wind and rain, snow has fallen, regular deer season has started, and the days are getting shorter.

I'm working at a deer processor's again this year, which is always interesting (managed to slice my thumb pretty good, so I have it all taped up which is making it difficult to type! But so far I've been able to avoid cutting my knuckles off with the bone saw like I did last year which is nice). In the last three days five of us (me boning, two guys cutting and two packaging) have done 72 deer. The guy that owns the place (Mr. S.) hired another cutter this year to help him keep ahead of me, so the days have been a lot shorter this year than last. Today was an especially short day since we only had 17 deer to do. Business is a bit slower this year. And we're faster, which makes business seem really slow. Maybe someday I'll try to do something like what Mr. Kimball did with his "How to Butcher A Chicken" blog except for deer. (although it probably won't be quite as thorough, or as professionally written. But maybe it would help someone)

Mr. W. has had surgery on his foot, and is back home recovering. We aren't cutting deer tomorrow, so I reckon I'll mosey on out there and see what's up. Mr. W. is going to have a really hard time just sitting around with his foot up. Although chances are that it will be harder for his family than for him.

I've got to figure out what I'm going to do exactly with my layers for the winter too. And if it should happen to warm up enough I need to finish up my garden cart. (if I'm home)

Well Supper is ready so I guess I'll go eat.

Till later,



Marci said...

Where have y'all been? Hello??????? :)

Jonathan said...

Hello! Thanks for dropping by!

Where have we been at? Well, the short answer is hiding out at other people's blogs, like yours. :)

Grandma is up from Florida (since Christmas Eve), Matthew and Mom have been under the weather, and of course, there have been myriad things to do over the holidays.

I've been updating the blog layout a bit in my spare time (maybe you noticed?) with intentions to get back at the blogging business again soon, but time will tell if it works out. It may not get going until the second half of the month, but we may get a new post out again soon.

There have been some pretty interesting schemes flying at the dinner table lately, but I can't make any promises on spilling the beans. :)

Thanks again for visiting,

Jonathan Potter
Pottervilla Academy